直接纱 Direct roving

无碱玻璃纤维直接无捻粗纱(以下简称直接纱)是由漏板直接拉制而成。根据浸润剂匹配的树脂不同,分为热固性直接纱和热塑性直接纱 lkali-free glass fiber direct roving (hereinafter referred to as "direct roving") is directly drawn through spinnerets. Depending on the resin's compatibility with the sizing agent, direct roving falls into thermosetting direct roving and thermoplastic direct roving.
热塑性直接纱 Thermoplastic direct roving
热固性直接纱 Thermosetting direct roving

合股纱 Ply Yarn

无碱玻璃纤维合股无捻粗纱(以下简称合股纱)是用多根玻纤合股而成,分为硬质合股纱和软质合股纱。硬质合股纱具有一点的硬挺度,主要用于喷射、SMC工艺。软质合股纱主要用于缠绕、拉挤、预浸料工艺等;终端产品有:卫浴用品、游艇、汽车顶棚、绝缘棒、运动器材等; Alkali free glass fiber stranded untwisted roving (hereinafter referred to as ply yarn) is composed of multiple strands of glass fibers, divided into hard ply yarn and soft ply yarn. Hard ply yarn has a slight stiffness and is mainly used in jet and SMC processes. Soft ply yarn is mainly used for winding, extrusion, pre impregnation processes, etc; Terminal products include: bathroom products, yachts, car canopies, insulation rods, sports equipment, etc;
合股纱 Plied yarn

短切纱 Chopped Strand Yarn

本产品为湿法短切水分散纤维系列产品。WCS2505系列产品是主要针对增强工业脱硝催化剂 载体设计的玻璃短切纤维。纤维经特殊浸润剂处理后,具备良好的分散性能和增强性能。 These are a series of wet-chopped water-dispersible fibers. The WCS2505 series fibers are glass chopped fibers specifically designed for reinforcing industrial denitration catalyst carriers. After treatment with a special sizing agent, the fibers exhibit excellent dispersing and reinforcing properties.
水拉丝 Wet chopped strand (WCS)
热塑性短切纱 Thermoplastic chopped strand

细纱 Spun Yarn

主要针对电子织物用纱设计,采用淀粉型浸润剂,具有良好的热清洗性能。也适用于一般工业用途,具有良好的编织性能。 It is primarily designed for use in e-textiles. With a starch-type sizing agent, the product exhibits good thermal cleaning performance. It is suitable for general industrial applications, offering good weaving performance as well.
并捻纱 Plied yarn
初捻纱 Single yarn

膨体纱 Bulk Yarn

膨体纱是由一束或多束连续细纱或无捻粗纱通过高压气流后膨胀、卷曲、缠绕形成的变形纱,具有tex稳定、膨化 均匀等优点,可代替传统的石棉制品。主要用于编织装饰织物和特殊用途的工业织物。 Expanded yarn is a deformed yarn formed by the expansion, curling, and winding of one or more bundles of continuous fine yarn or untwisted coarse yarn through high-pressure airflow. It has the advantages of tex stability and uniform expansion, and can replace traditional asbestos products. Mainly used for weaving decorative fabrics and industrial fabrics for special purposes.
膨体纱 Texturized yarn

机织布 Woven Fabric

1、主要生产0.03mm-1.3mm系列厚度的工业布,规格可以根据客户需求调整 2、可以根据客户对强度性能的特殊要求,提高强度20%左右 3、工业布可以用于涂层布,涂覆PTFE、硅胶、PVA等,如1528、7577;也可用于航空器材方面, 如7581、7781、1581;可用于防火、防护用布,如3784、3788等品种。 CPIC mainly produces industrial fabrics with a thickness ranging from 0.03 mm to 1.3 mm. The specifications of CPIC's industrial fabrics can be adjusted according to the customers' requirements. 2. According to customers' special requirements for strength performance, the strength of CPIC's industrial fabrics can be increased by about 20%. 3. Industrial fabrics with the product codes 1528 and 7577 can be used for coated fabrics, such as PTFE, silicone, and PVA coated fabrics. The product codes 7581, 7781, and 1581 are suitable for aviation materials. Fireproof and protective fabrics can be produced using industrial fabrics with the product codes 3784 and 3788.
细纱工业布 Industrial spun yarn fabric
方格布 Woven roving


玻璃纤维针刺毡是一种多孔的有一定厚度(3-25mm)的无纺毡材料。它经采用直径较细的E玻璃纤维,经针刺毡机梳理、针刺而成。纤 维毡内形成无数个细小空穴,使产品具有极高的隔热特性。同时,E玻璃纤维耐高温、电器绝缘性佳,制品不含任何粘接剂,是现有保温及过 滤材料中更具特色的环保产品。

A glass fiber needled mat is a porous nonwoven mat with a specific thickness ranging from 3 to 25 mm. It is produced by carding and needle punching small-diameter E-glass fibers on a needled mat machine. Countless tiny cavities are formed within the fiber mat, giving the product excellent heat insulation characteristics. Additionally, E-glass fiber provides high temperature resistance and good electrical insulation properties. The product does not contain any adhesives, making it a characteristic environment-friendly product compared to existing thermal insulation and filtering materials. Note: With a fluffy structure and low thermal conductivity, needled mats can be used as heat insulation material and vehicle exhaust filtering material. The thickness, width, and weight of the mats can be adjusted according to customers' requirements.
针刺毡 Needled mat
湿法毡 Wet-laid mat
缝编毡 Stitched mat
短切毡 Chopped strand mat

多轴向布 Multiaxial Cloth

把直接纱沿着某个铺放角度(例如0, 90, ±45°)进行铺放,铺放层数一般为2-6层,铺层中还可添加短切层和无纺层,然后把多个铺层 用涤纶丝以经编组织形式缝起来,构成多轴向织物,又称多轴向经编织物。多轴向织物是一种无屈曲织物,能够更好地发挥玻纤的机械性能。 其中,我们把主要克重集中在1个方向(例如0度)上的多轴向织物,又称为单向布。多轴向织物可用于真空灌注工艺、预浸料工艺、缠绕工 艺等,主要用于生产风力发电叶片、管道等。其适用的树脂类型有环氧树脂(EP)、聚酯树脂(UP)、乙烯基树脂(VE)、聚氨 Direct rovings are typically laid in 2-6 layers at specific angles (e.g. 0°, 90°, ±45°). Additional chopped strands and non-woven layers can also be interspersed within these direct roving layers. These layers are then stitched together using polyester filaments in the form of warp knitting, resulting in the formation of multiaxial fabric, also known as multiaxial warp knitting fabric. Multiaxial fabric is a type of fabric with no buckling, enabling it to maximize the utilization of the mechanical properties of glass fiber. When the multiaxial fabric's weight is concentrated in one direction (such as 0°), it is referred to as unidirectional fabric. Multiaxial fabrics can be used for vacuum infusion, prepreg, and winding processes. They are primarily used to produce wind turbine blades and pipes. The applicable resin types include epoxy resin (EP), polyester resin (UP), and vinyl resin (VE).
多轴向布 Multiaxial fabric